New Year, New Goals

Last night, we sat around our kitchen table to enjoy crispy, stovetop fried chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts. While we sat together, enjoying each other’s company and laughing as Simon ate more ketchup than chicken, Phill and I decided to make a list of our goals for this year on the home(stead).

So here I am, about to share that list with you. Because hopefully y’all will hold me accountable come March when I start to slack off. And because if I share our goals with the blogosphere, they’re more likely to be fulfilled than just sitting, written nicely in a closed up notebook. 


2019 Home(stead) Goals

Transition to only homemade breads

I love bread and I love baking. We started off last year making only homemade breads, but then we got stuck on a diet which inadvertently had us cutting out most bread or bread-like products. Talk about a sad few months! In the spirit of the new year, we’re still making conscious efforts to eat nourishing whole foods – but we also aren’t going to deprive ourselves the joy of homemade bread. Also, Phill bought me Paul Hollywood’s Bread book for Christmas, and it would be a shame for it just to collect dust on the shelf.

More Indoor Plants

When we walk through our yard or on our patio in the summer, we’re surrounded by life! Flowers and vegetables are growing and blooming. It brings peace to your soul. This winter has been slowly draining me as I peer out the window to see dormant trees and fallen leaves. To combat that, we’re going to add some greenery to the indoors. One of my dearest friends bought me a red lion amaryllis bulb for Christmas, so I have that planted and can hardly wait for the beautiful bloom in a few weeks time!

IMG_1013 (2)

Make better use of seasonal foods

Living in the Midwest, most fruits and vegetables are out of season once there’s a hint of frost. To compensate, grocery stores are stocked with produce shipped in from other countries that are lacking in flavor and are high in prices. I have a five minute internal debate each time I go grocery shopping on whether or not to buy fruit for our family. This past summer, we put away twelve jars of peaches. At the time it seemed like so much! But now, I realize that we missed our opportunity to also can or freeze all manners of berries and stone fruits to fill us through the winter. This summer, as the harvest is bountiful, we will be filling our pantry and our freezer.

Build or make something once a month

This is a family goal – to encourage us to do a bigger project each month. We’re not entirely sure what we will be building or making, but, hey, we’ll figure it out!

Make (and stick to) a budget

We are very fortunate in the fact that Phill and I both work full time jobs with salaries and benefits allowing us to live comfortable within our means. Our goal of making a budget is to train us to be more mindful of what we are spending money on (Is this something we need? Could we make this item instead?) and also to continue to grow our Savings as we look ahead, knowing we’d like to move from our current house to a farm in the next handful of years.

Weekly cleaning schedule

With little children it’s difficult to find time to clean every inch of your house. I don’t think making a cleaning schedule will magically make more time either, but it will be a helpful reminder of when we last cleaned the toilet or vacuumed the furniture – you know, the things we should all do more frequently than we actually do.

IMG_0966 (2)

Maintain inventory of our homestead pantry

Literally just list and keep track of everything we keep in our pantry and freezer. This will help us to be more creative when making our weekly meal plans, and also make it easy to glance over quickly before running to the grocery store.

Write more consistently and practice using my DSLR camera

I always have great intentions of blogging frequently. And then life happens. Or I think I have nothing worthy to write about. But really, there are lots of little things going on around our home and there’s not reason not to share and document in photographs!  

IMG_1011 (2)

There you have it. Not a difficult or long list, but a list nonetheless.

Happy New Year, y’all! May your hearts be full and your goals be plentiful!

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