Welcome to Our Farm

Our life has been extremely hectic the past few months. We found a little farm, put an offer on it, put our house up for sale, backed away from the farm because it was falling apart, searched for a new house, accepted an offer on our house, found a new farm, sold our house, lived with family for a few weeks, and now we are (finally) in a new house.


Like I said, it’s been a hectic few months.  

And now – drum roll, please – dddrrrrrrruuuummmpppttttt – welcome to our farm!

The Full Heart Homestead is now an actually homestead, not a home(stead). We have four and a half peaceful acres, where we will have room to see our dreams come alive! Huge gardens, chickens, berry bushes, an orchard, a pig, sheep, goats, and whatever else we decide.

Can you picture it?!



The kids were all about romping through the field to find some wildflowers. Which there were an abundance of because the grass hadn’t been cut in a month, at least. And it’s spring, which means we’ve had approximately 342,450,791 inches of rain in the last two weeks alone.

IMG_1179 (2)

There’s a good amount of overgrowth and brush that will need to be cleared out. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who likes getting all tangled up in weeds – but really, he’s just excited to find a legitimate use for the machete he owns.

IMG_1151 And I was finally able to start some seeds! Praise the Good Lord! I have been itching to get into the dirt and nurture my little sprouts. Last year, we started our seeds late because I was overzealous and my sprouts were not hardy enough for the great outdoors and promptly died, hence a second round of seed starting. Despite the major timing set back, we still had tomatoes ripening through the early October. So, I’m hopeful that we will still have a bountiful harvest, even if it’s nearing the end of May and I’m just getting started.


Here’s to new beginnings and seed starting and tire swings. We’re livin’ the good life, y’all!

And may your hearts be full!


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