Finding Beauty

Where do you find beauty? Is there something in particular that speaks to you? You know, something that catches your eye and causes you to stop. to pause. to take in a deep breath and be fully present in that moment, So much so, that you forget what you were supposed to be doing or which child you were supposed to be wrangling.

Beauty is essential to life.

IMG_1325 (2)

Or, at least, I think so.

How can we go through life without seeking something beautiful? What would we have to live for? If you seek beauty, you’ll find happiness and peace. Without it? Well, frankly, the world is ugly.

You could find beauty in your family or in your work. You could find beauty in your gardens or your organized linen closet. You could find beauty in architecture. In your morning coffee. In the laugh of good friends. At any moment, you could find yourself awestruck by beauty. And when you do, do you embrace the beauty? Do you actually stop to enjoy the sight or the smell? Or do you rush past, unappreciative, and hurry back to work or whatever task you were doing?

In the past month, I’ve been trying to be more aware of the beauty surrounding me. When I encounter something beautiful, I pause, take a deep breath to soak it in, and say a quick prayer of thanksgiving.

The Lord is good, y’all. And he wants to make something beautiful out of you and me and the lives we’re living. But first, we need to acknowledge beauty in the world surrounding us. How can we radiate beauty, if we can’t even identify it? No. More than just acknowledging beauty, we should be actively appreciating that beauty and sharing it with others!

And so tonight, I walked around the farm and took pictures of what I found beautiful. I want to give y’all a glimpse into the beauty I see at our home, and the beauty that encourages me to be more prayerful and more thankful for the family and life I’ve been given.

IMG_1357 (2)

This first image is my echinacea plant. I had never seen an echinacea plant before, but remembered reading about them, so I took a gamble and bought one having no idea what it would look like. What a beautiful surprise! This flower reminds me of the sunset with it’s vibrant pink petals streaked with yellow. There are a handful of buds stemming off this flower and I can hardly wait for my echinacea plant to continue growing and blooming.

IMG_1359 (2)

Basil. Need I say more?

But really, basil is the smell of summertime. Every time I walk past my basil planters, I gently brush my fingertips against the leaves and bring them to my nose to breathe in that delicious scent.

IMG_1365 (2)

This is our statue of Mary. Right now she is standing inside our garden fence, and ( I like to think ) she’s keeping a watchful eye over our teeny tiny vegetable buds. I love this statue of Mary, despite the fact that her nose is broken off and her concrete is starting to show some weathering. I love that when Simon is outside, he will walk over to our Mother like he’s talking to an old friend. He’ll give her a kiss on the forehead and tell her “night night” before running in to take a bath. If you could only be here to witness it in person, I swear your eyes would swell with tears of beauty.

IMG_1367 (2)

Last, is another flower. When I was taking this picture, I was struck by the bright purple flower and the few vibrant blue spots peaking through. Can you see them? That, and the beautiful, rusty rod iron plant stand. There’s something familiar and homey in worn-out rod iron.

I am no expert in beauty. I’m positive if I were to take any kind of art class, I would fail. But there are moments in life when something makes you stop. It surprises you – catches you off guard. And that’s beautiful. Those moments are a chance for each of us to remove ourselves from this chaotic and cruel world, and enjoy life.

Even if it’s as simple as a plant or a statue with no nose.

What do you find beautiful?


May your hearts be full!



Finding Beauty

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