I’m a slacker.

I’m a slacker.

Being a wife, mother to toddlers, full time teacher, and wanna be homesteader makes you tired. Add in being eight months pregnant and you become extra tired. And when you’re (extra) tired, you can’t do everything at one hundred percent, even if deep down you want to. Which is how my blog fell to the wayside. Not that I was ever the best or most consistent blogger to begin with, but y’all, it’s been four months since I posted anything on the blog. Ouch.

I’ve been slacking on the blogging realm, so to you, my few, following readers, I apologize. On a related note, I took down my Christmas cards last week. Because everyone keeps their Christmas cards up until the first week of April, right? No? Just me?

So maybe I’m slacking in a few areas…

The world has been pretty crazy the past month or so, as schools and businesses are closed and people are ordered to stay home, except for ‘essential’ trips or items. Being home and attempting to figure out how to work from home full time has been quite a struggle. To those of you who normally work from home, kudos to you! I’m missing my ten minute commute and morning cup of coffee in the classroom to jump start my days.

But being home as also brought with it many blessings. I’ve been able to spend more time with my husband and my children. I feel like my house is (relatively) more clean than it was when I was at work full time. I’m almost always caught up on laundry (no more super wash sessions on the weekends)! And we’ve been able to focus on clearing brush from the property, digging out more beds for the garden, and starting our seeds a bit early.

In my blogging hiatus, it felt like we were living our lives doing the same old things. Nothing felt exciting or compelling enough to sit down and type about it. But after pausing and reflecting on the last few months, we’ve actually had a lot going on.

We have new chicks were raising and hoping to introduce to the big flock soon. (I’m skeptical one of our new girls is actually a rooster…)

I’ve found the perfect sandwich bread recipe to make and share.

Phill built me an adorable bee box.

We briefly free-ranged our chickens and lost one of our favorite girls to a sneaky fox.

Our bulbs and coming up and there are fresh flowers to decorate the house again.

Our garden dreams are both on paper and sprouting in seed trays in the kitchen.

We’re expecting our third child in seven to eight weeks.


So yeah, I guess there are a few things I could share with y’all in the blogosphere. And a huge thank you to a reader, Michele, who sent me an email asking for updated info on our chicken coop (which I’m working on for you now!) for re-inspiring me to stop slacking and get writing.


May your hearts be full!

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