Homemade Pasta

I love digging into a plate of pasta. Part of that stems from my love of carbs (and really, who doesn’t love carbs?). And the other part of that stems from the fact that my father is Italian.

Well, he thinks he is, at least.

Growing up we ate pasta at least once, if not twice a week. But now, my parents have limited their carb intake and my sister was diagnosed with celiacs (aka gluten intolerance). Thankfully, I’m married with my own family and I can make pasta as often as I please — which is a lot, especially now that I’m pregnant with baby #2 (six months down, three to go!).

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Peach Butter and Preserving

It is finally fall. Finally time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, golden red leaves, and warm homemade soups. Finally time to grab your jackets out of storage and time to put those flip-flops away.

I’m ready for you, fall. … Even if it is still in the 80s – stubborn Missouri.

With the fall comes time to harvest. And with the harvest, comes my favorite activity: canning. Continue reading “Peach Butter and Preserving”

Freedom and Fruit Pies

It’s Independence Day weekend, which means the days are filled with the smell of barbecues and the loud pops of late night fireworks. And in this home(stead), that means pie.

Because what says freedom better than a fresh fruit pie? Nothing; the answer is nothing.

Okay, you’re right; I can think of a few other things.

But right now the 4th of July means hot, sticky summer – and this hot, sticky summer we are celebrating by devouring a tart but sweet peach and blackberry pie with a melt in your mouth crust. Continue reading “Freedom and Fruit Pies”

Bacon Spinach Cheddar Frittata

I’m beginning to realize that breakfast is my love language.

Seriously – pour me a cup of coffee and dish out some eggs and you’ll have a piece of my heart.

Even though we don’t have chickens of our own (hopefully our municipality changes its chicken ordinance in the future), I love starting the morning off with an egg dish. Today began with a frittata, of sorts.

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